Friday, May 30, 2008

I Love Windows

Windows are great to look out of while waiting for your computer to re-re-boot. If I were into conspiracy theories, I would think that Microsoft released Service Pack 3 for XP to sabotage PCs that have not been switched over to Vista ("upgrade" does not seem appropriate here). Because installing this servicepack seems to be what made my computer display the famous Blue Screen of Death. But I am not paranoid. The thought did not occur to me that my Dell may have been set up to start crashing at the end of the warranty that is about to run out, in order to make me give in to the numerous letters and phone calls trying to convince me to extend that warranty. That would be crazy.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Great WWF ad.

The first time we saw this on TV, we were blown away by this storm:

Movie from Glossy

Saturday, May 17, 2008


So this is as far as I got with my animation this semester. Hope to find time over the summer to make more happen! This semester the advanced students in my class (students who took my 3D class last Fall as well) also created some animations. I just uploaded a gallery of student work.

Same video on google video

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Lost Reference

In my post about the box I build in Lightwave, I referred to an installation I once read about, I think it was about a year ago and it was probably in The New Yorker. I just found my original notes on it: " the interactive installation box that closes when you get near it and slowly opens up again some time after you move away". Ha! Now I know where I read about it, I thought. So it was slightly disappointing to see the note next to it: "&rarr get Ref". D'oh!

Anybody know this installation from about a year ago? Anyway, here's a new version of the box:

Artificial Sillyness

While reading this very interesting article on Artificial Intelligence in the on-line version of the New York Times, I noticed that the site itself is uses a not so intelligent algorithm to create hyperlinks in the text. Here's a quote, including the original link: "“She’s on the bleeding edge of the leading edge,” said Gary Bradski". Yes, it links to the medical issue of losing red fluid.