Friday, August 31, 2007

Live from SIGGRAPH

Since SIGGRAPH 2007 a lot has happened for me. For instance: yesterday was my first day of teaching at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. And will start at Montclair State University in a little over a week. So I still didn't get to blogging about this years annual SIGGRAPH conference. Jared Bendis, even though his visit to San Diego was a stop on his way to Africa, posted an obscene amount of photos here, including a not too flattering photo of yours truly he took real early on day 4. Here's an image I took of him late on the Friday before the conference. The gentleman on the right in Thierry Frey, ACM SIGGRAPH director for Information Services

Hmmm, it was probably not really late when this picture was taken. Even though the time stamp says 11:43 I left my camera on Eastern Time. Having just flown in it was late for me though

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