Thursday, January 11, 2007

A new hybrid?

PBS is promoting the electric car. They have now aired two of their three possible new science programs, and both had items on it. W|I|R|E|D science reported on Tesla, the electric car company of PayPal founder Elon Musk. The Science Investigators were driving at high speed with the all electric race car X1

With all electric vehicles the problem is that you have to recharge the batteries. So why not create an electric car in which the driver can recharge the car by pushing around a set of pedals. A Human-Electro Hybrid! HEH!

Agreed, the power generated by pedaling away will not be enough to keep the car running. But it can extend the battery life. One can keep on pedaling when stuck in a traffic jam. It will be great exercise, so next to helping the environment, the HEH-car will also help fight obesity!

And you know what? It exists! Well, sort of. But what kind of a name is TWIKE?

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