Monday, January 15, 2007

A visit to Amsterdam

I joined Second Life recently, to see if I can get lost in a virtual world. The most fun I had so far was parking myself on top of the monument on the Dam in Amsterdam. You may still see me standing there. I hope to find more exciting stuff to do.

I lived in that city for over ten years and it was fun seeing some things virtually recreated, like the "stadsmeublilair" from the Rokin: the lampposts, benches and the like.


Jet (Anat) said...

I'll virtually step by for a visit some time! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello brother,

Well, tried it as well, but my computer freezes cmpletely after a few steps (minutes) on second life. So will not be able to visit I am affraid...


Earguy said...

Hi Bro,
Had the same kind of problem on my PC. Got a nice blocky vision. Probably need a newer graphics card or something. On my macbook however... :)

Greetings from the burbs!

Anonymous said...

joehoe broertje ;-)

well could be graphics card, but the time it is working (20 seconds or so)it all looks great), after that even ctrlaltdelete does not respond.....

greetings from......... nothing virtual i am affraid