Saturday, June 9, 2007

Gee, was my old box slow!

Originally uploaded by Wobbe F. Koning
My new computer is up and running, and now I really no excuse to make great strides towards completing my animation. Suddenly I have real-time animation preview. Rendering is probably about four times faster. And also quite important: when I turn it on, my new computer starts fast and does not need to be rebooted once or twice. How did I ever animate on my recently deceased old computer?

Of course, the only reason that I now have a machine this fast is that I waited so long with replacing my old machine. Had I bought one last year, it would be outdated by now. But I guess the fact that my laptop was considerably faster than my desktop should have been an indication that it was about time to replace the latter.


Anonymous said...

You know that apple powerbook is the best tested windows vista laptop ;-)

Earguy said...

Now why would I want to run Vista? So I can see if all my software will be compatible?

(get a login, you Mr. Anonymous! Or be "other"....)