Sunday, October 14, 2007


No, this post is not about pirates, I'm just voicing my frustration at my animation. Spend almost the entire day fixing stuff. The origin of what went wrong was my own doing: returning to my animation after a three month hold, I was wondering what that old obsolete copy of my main charracter was doing in my scene, next to the newer active one. So I deleted it, no problem. Or so I though. Re-opening my main scene file today, quite some work had not been saved! Sometimes the line between feature and bug is thin. Using external models in Softimage XSI is really powerfull but has it quirks... Aargh!

Almost everything has been restored...

Luckily I had a music break. After yesterdays opening at Gallery 51, the artist's band Scott Gordley Trio played a nice bit of Jazz on the sidewalk in front of the gallery. If you happen to be visiting Montclair, go check out the exhibition of Scott's great photo real and photo based paintings.

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