Tuesday, October 23, 2007


During class today, I relayed some of the great tips about facial modeling Jonathan Williamson had given during his talk at last weekend's NYC Blender Conference. Like how great police mugshots are as reference, giving you a nice front and side view. So, in preparing for class yesterday, I googled and found a few. I choose one of Jane Fonda, since I had never modeled a female head, seemed like a nice choice.

I guess I'm getting old. None of the students had ever heard on her. And when I said she's the daughter of Henry Fonda they politely smiled and pretended to at least have heard of him. Although I must admit I've never seen any of her Aerobic videos, I mean films. Except the one where Duran Duran got their name from, yes, I'll admit it. Oops, just dated myself again.

In class I could only show the nose and eyes, couldn't resist and build the rest of the face during Law and Order. As shown on right. Not quite done yet.

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