Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Making a line in Maya

With the semester just about over I found some time to port a Python script I wrote for Blender to Maya in the hopes of animating the result nicely. I got stuck in Blender when I ran into transparency / alpha issues with the node based materials. Probably fixed in Blender by now, as the issue with nodes not being animatable has been addressed. Here is a test:

Only a curve is generated procedurally, the rest is a hand "crafted" test. Found some stuff in the old script that should never have worked. The line is still intersecting and there are a few more issues, some of which I may not actually care about as long as it looks good.

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I have absolutely no idea how this thing got 308 views on YouTube in about an hour...

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maya computer animation said...

Thanks for this tutorial, a new comer like me helps a lot with these kind of good videos