Friday, June 11, 2010

Fingers Crossed

A hopefully minor setback: The aforementioned Blue Screens started appearing more consistently and seemed to point at a failing hard drive. The occasional loud clicking sound was not encouraging. I had just about decided to go and buy a new drive, and install the entire system again: it is the system drive that seems to be dying, when my wife asked if it could be a loose cable. Well, theoretically, maybe. Opened up the machine, took the drives out, put them back in and booted up the machine. It finally finished the diskcheck (/repair) I had asked the system to perform, and has been rendering for four hours straight since (it had been crashing within two). So, fingers crossed!

Update: After chugging along nicely for the entire weekend, this Monday morning (June 14) it actually finished the two renders I need to move on, a total of 574 frames! I bought a new hard drive anyway, since I was thinking of re installing the system before the crashes started as the system was getting sluggish. Better to no re-install on a flaky HD, right?

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