Monday, June 7, 2010

Normal Issues

Because a Plug-in I'm using does not work on my 64 bit laptop, I changed a shader today without being able to actually render it. Looked pretty good at first when I could render it tonight on my desktop (running 32 bit XP) but I have the feeling something is off. Will figure that out tomorrow.

Gave my desktop a task to render. Went to check a few minutes later and was confronted with the blue screen of death. Maybe it did not like me pulling out the network cable. Oh well. Restarted it.

BSOD BS Update: And it crashed again. Not at frame 4, but at frame 49. Another nice Blue Screen starting Memory dump. Restarted it from frame 49. Still going strong at frame 63. I had rendered the same scene at draft quality before, with no problems. What the Fietspomp!

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