Monday, February 19, 2007

Animation Progress

An article in the New York Times reports on how some people are using their blog as a way to eliminate debt. It works like a support group, a sort of spenders anonymous: every time the bloggers see something they want but do not need, the thought of having to confess to the shame of compulsive buying works as a deterrent to the needless purchase

I wonder if the same idea will work as a motivator to keep doing some of tedious work of creating an animation. I will start posting progress reports on this blog, maybe that will be an extra motivation to keep on animating

The animation I'm working on now (well, one of them... ) is "Seeing Red". The image that accompanies this post shows a testrender. A truck will be dumping stuff, so I did a test to see how I will make a pile drop. It is a one-off, so just using shape animation seems like a good idea.

Here's the test. Bit too jittery and looks like a dough ball. But it's a start.

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