Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kader revisited

A week ago I blogged about this book I read, and the cover featuring a dike with a whole in it, which I found rather peculiar. According to my mother this dike can actually be closed, there's some kind of door in it. So it is extremely Dutch: an engineering solution to keep the water out. Yes, it's been a while since the Dutch used their finger for that. The funny thing about the story of the boy with his finger in the dike is that here in the States everybody knows it, while I can't even remember the boys name ("boy dike finger" in Google gave me 144,000 results and the name Hans Brinker)

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Anonymous said...

dutch dikes and water, the bookcover is closed with wooden doors, there are also some kind of ´inner tire tubes´ used to keep water out in Kampen, further there is a water door with a mechanism as big as the eifeltower (but then two of them) but horizontal. From my house I can see the ships go by, when I look up....So why move to newyork.
(because of the snow maybe... ;-)