Monday, February 5, 2007

Hasta la Vista, says Apple

The BBC is reporting that "Apple has told iTunes users to 'wait' before upgrading their computers to Microsoft Windows Vista, saying its music software may not work properly." (Apple to Vista upgraders: 'Wait')

How convenient! Should not think anything of it I guess, Microsoft seems to be working with Apple to fix it. Still, raised my eybrow.


Anonymous said...

I think apple is a hypocrite with the iTunes and Vista Thing, Check out this article:

Apple: Monopolies Ruin the Market

Earguy said...

I wonder how unbiased a website that calls itself "Microsoft is Awesome" can possibly be.

Calling the kettle black, are we? Maybe if other companies had managed to release a MP3 player that could compete with the iPod, Apple would not have had a monopoly in that market. Just a thought....