Friday, February 2, 2007


Finished reading the book my parents gave me when they visited here last autumn. An insiders view on the recent history of Iran, the story of an extended family of which a slightly unrealistic number of members happen to be at key places at key times at the turbulent events surrounding the Islamic revolution. It is called "Het huis van de Moskee" ("The house of the Mosque"), by Kader Abdollah, an emigrant (or refugee) from Iran living in The Netherlands (he wrote the book in Dutch). Somehow far more interesting than the books I read from other Dutch writers lately, because of his personal history he definately has a story to tell.

I find the choice of image for the cover somewhat peculiar. It shows something that is extremely Dutch: a dike. But one with a whole in it and a road running through. The suggestion of secrets hidden behind the dike, hinting this book may reveal some of them. Intriguing choice for a book about Iran. The author has written the book for a Dutch audience. He must feel we have more in common with the people in Iran than we think.

The silly drawings that accompany this post? Last Wednesday, during the ACM NYC SIGGRAPH Board of Directors meetings, I couldn't help myself and doodled a bit. Somehow it helps me to listen. Wasn't the only one, by the way. It is a graphics organization after all.

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