Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I thought I'd never have to program again

When I first encountered a computer in highschool (okay, this dates me: it was a commodore PET computer) the one thing you could do with it was writing code in basic (or assembler) and run it to see the magic it produced.

When I got my first Commdore Amiga computer, and discovered great programs like Dpaint, I thought I'd never have to program again: there was software that could do it all! How wrong I was...

I have been searching for a tool to convert audio into keyframe values for animation (one average of the audio level per frame of animation) but gave up. I know I can do it in After Effects, but I do not have that on my laptop and it is kind of cumbersome to start the application just for that. So I wrote a script in Python to do it.

Why I need that utility? Tinkering with having music drive an animation. And I bet tomorrow I'll find something way more sophisticated than the crude hack I threw together.

I'm all for open source and GPL. So I should put useful hacks I create on-line. But then I would have to make it usable for others, tidy it up. Maybe I should...

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